me in le marronHello students and parents. I am Mrs. Thurlow the current Head of Year for year 8. I teach the English curriculum to year 6 and the Visual Arts curriculum to year 6, 7 and 8. I will post information and attachments that are needed for these classes on this wiki. All the information you will need in terms of documents pertaining to assessments and outlines will be posted on the appropriate page in the drop down boxes. I will be happy to answer any questions through email and you can come and visit me for a discussion whenever needed by pre arranged appointment.


Mrs B Thurlow
Please go to the school portal to view our current homework grid. This is for your reference and should give an indication of when you should expect homework to be coming home. In general, it is worth asking your child about homework received daily, checking the handbook for homework entries together and checking through all of your child’s subject teachers wikis.
I have also included a link to the Danube Wiki Page (I am a member of the Danube house and am always willing to offer my support to great ideas for House activities)

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