This page has been set up to offer you support and guidance on how to build your portfolio during the year as well as how to lead your parents/ teachers through your eportfolio in order to demonstrate your learning during the student led conferences.


There is an expectation for you to submit two or three quality pieces of work for each subject, each term as part of your portfolio. It is important that every piece of work you upload to your portfolio has a well thought out reflection attached to it.

Your reflection should include information about the piece of work and the activities that led to it, why you selected it and what you feel has made the piece successful.

There are several documents to support you while building your eportfolio. Here are some resources to support you in the creation of your eportfolio-

If you are not that confident with computers or have simply never used ibook author before then this document may help-

iBooks Author – help copy

Before submitting your work for assessment, spend some time looking through the student checklist to ensure that you have not forgotten anything.



In order to perform your student led conference, you will need to select an ATL for improvement prior to your appointment. This document will support you in your preparation.



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