Over the next few weeks we will be looking at movement and how this can be created in art. Our research focus will be Van Gogh and how he created a strong feeling of movement in his art work.

I would like you to provide (good quality) colour prints of three different art works from Van Gogh that you feel best show movement in a landscape setting. You must analyse each one using the format below.

Name of artist and work.

When the artwork was made.

What size the artwork is and what medium it was created in- i.e. oil on canvas.

What the painting is of- describe the scene in as much detail as you can.

How the artist has created the scene in terms of brush strokes, light and color.

What aspects of the artwork do you feel intensify the idea of movement.

At the bottom of each image, I would like you to show your own experiment of recreating all or a selected section of the artwork chosen. Pencil or pen is fine for this- mainly I want you to focus on recreating the idea of movement rather than focus too much on color.


The deadline is Monday Period1 4th May.



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