Analyse an Artwork from the Rococo period –

• Find an example of 17th – 18th Century Rococo Art.
• Label – artist, title, date, media and size (cm)
• Describe – What is in the picture?
• Analyse – How have they used objects and artistic principals aesthetically.
The main thing I am looking for in the analysis is that you can explain any objects of pleasure- such as a swing and why it may be relevant in the Rococo period- i.e. because the purpose of these paintings was to demonstrate joy and playfulness in the upper classes and to record this period of enjoyment.
You could also discuss the light used- i.e. the light filtering through the trees shows the beauty of nature while almost dancing on the folds of the lady’s dress- this brings the image to life and makes you feel that there is real movement in the piece.

• Interpretation – What do YOU think it means? Support your ideas with evidence.
• Comment – Do you like it? Why?
• Presentation – Your critique should be min 400 words. It is very important that you present you work neatly. Include title and date. Print out Artwork in HD. (for extra points, draw the artwork. It only needs to be small)



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