Big Six Organizer 

Directions: Use this sheet as a worksheet to organize a project. It is intended to aid you in your research; not all questions require a written response. 

1. Task Definition 

What am I supposed to do? 

What is the problem I need to solve? 

What are the questions I should answer? 

What type of information do I need? 

How much information do I need? 

Should I narrow my topic? 

What will my finished product look like? 



2. Information-Seeking Strategies 

What are my possible sources? 

Books, Web sites, periodicals, E-mail, interviews, television, video? 

Which indexes should I use? 

Which are the best sources? 



3. Location and Access 

Where will I find my best resources? 

Who can help me find the materials I need? 

Within my sources, how will I locate information? (Print: tables of contents, indexes, headings, subheading, bold print, scanning text; electronic: database strategies, keywords vs. subject, identify keywords) 

Should I investigate other libraries or use interlibrary loan? 






4. Use of Information—reading, hearing, viewing, interacting 

Which information is relevant? 

How will I record the information I find—note cards, graphic organizers? 

What is the most logical structure for organizing—compare/contrast, chronology? 

Are there appropriate quotes? 

How will I give credit to my sources? 



5. Synthesis 

How will I organize information from multiple sources? 

Can I eliminate information that does not answer my questions? 

How will I present the results of my research? Format? Structure? 

What conclusions have I made? 



6. Evaluation 

Have I completed the requirements of the assignment? 

Is it logically organized and carefully proofread? 

Is this my best work? 

How could I have improved the project? What will I do differently next time? 

Did I really answer the questions I posed? 

How efficient was my research? 

How effective is my product? 



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