Novel Study-“The Flour Babies” by Anne Fine (AOI- Health and Social Education)
– this unit is designed to focus the children on taking ownership and responsibility for their possessions. It is a great opportunity to highlight to them the amount of work involved in parenting and supporting others (something many children can struggle to realize at the beginning stages of puberty).

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Y6 English teachers would like to thank you for your continued support this term. We are now writing to inform you about our new unit and how you can further support your child’s learning experience.

All Y6 students will participate in a two week long experiment starting this Tuesday, 9th December. The objectives are to help students engage with the characters in a novel, to increase their appreciation and awareness of the adults involved in their own development and to instill in them a sense of responsibility.

The unit is a novel study on Anne Fine’s Flour Babies. This will be the first formal novel study that the children have undertaken and, as such, we are extremely pleased to offer them the chance to share a learning experience with the main characters of this story.

Just like a character in the novel, each child will be given a small bag of flour to treat as their very own ‘baby’ and, just like the novel, strict instructions will be given that the class must follow in order to truly experience the issues of responsibility and parenthood. These instructions are directly extracted from the novel to ensure that their experience is as similar to that of the characters as possible. With your support this will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop and mature, at this awkward time of puberty, as well as gain insight into a parents perspective.

Of course, this role play task will also give way to many writing and reflecting opportunities for the students as well as, once again, a chance for parents to be involved in the learning experiences of their child.

We will be going through‘The Rules’ for this project with the children in class but have also enclosed a copy for your reference. We hope that you will be as enthusiastic as we are about the possible learning that can take place during this unit.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. B Thurlow and Mrs. F Mouty


Flour Babies

1)The flour babies must be kept clean and dry at all times. All staining and leakage of stuffing will be taken very seriously.

2)Flour babies will be put on the official scales twice a week to check for any weight loss that might indicate neglect, or any weight gain that might indicate cheating by refilling or damp.

3)No flour baby may be left unattended at any time, night or day. If you must be out of sight of your flour baby, even for a short time, a responsible babysitter must be arranged. You will have to pay for this service a previously agreed amount of your pocket money or chores. (Your helper would also require additional payment for babysitting/ watching them)

4)You must keep a Baby Book, and write your reflections in it daily. Each entry should be no shorter than three full sentences, and no longer than five pages.

5) Certain persons (who shall not be named until the experiment is over) shall make it their business to check on the welfare of the flour babies and the keeping of the above rules. These people may be parents, other pupils, teachers or other members of staff.


Assessment Task for End of Unit

We will spend the rest of this week working in our groups and preparing for group presentations for your Flour Babies end of unit assessment. Group presentations will run next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All groups must be ready and prepared to present for Tuesday. Here is the assessment task and rubric for your reference. Student will be marked individually.

Assessment Task Assessment Task Rubric


Cover Work 29/01/2015 Y6 English- all classes

Unfortunately, I will be absent again today- Im sure I will be back on Friday!

If you didn’t finish Wednesdays activities please complete these first-

Wednesdays activities– Write your own blurb (the bit at the back of the book that is designed to make the reader want to read the book by telling a little bit about the story) of the novel flour babies. If you have time, design a new front cover for the book as well- all of this should be done in your exercise books.

Extra activities to work on today (Thursday)- As the teachers are currently writing report card comments, and the students are currently awaiting these- spend some time today writing a report card comment for Simon Martin from the perspective of Mr Cartwright. Remember to think carefully about the type of things Mr Cartwright might say about Simon.













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