Welcome to your own personal research bubble. In here you will find all the information you need to create a sensationalized article. General materials can be found on the main page of the fairytale unit and google image and pages templates can also be used to support your work.

Rumple Stilts Kin

video on spinning


There is also a video available by Ms Laura Fairbairn on the value of gold (http://youtu.be/t-6gyEoIuYE) a video by Mr Richard Parker on the Legal issues related to this case (http://youtu.be/LlghdfKFLpo).

 SUGGESTED CRIME:- Rumple Stilts Kin (who we can decide is not dead) is suing the Queen for breach of contract after her refusal to hand over her first child.

OR- The king has been arrested for false imprisonment of the miller’s daughter and for then forcing her to marry him on pain of death. The Queen has come to her senses and is looking for an annulment (like a divorce but basically means not only would they no longer be married but it’s like they never really were married in the first place).


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