Welcome to your own personal research bubble. In here you will find all the information you need to create a sensationalized article. General materials can be found on the main page of the fairytale unit and google image and pages templates can also be used to support your work.

The Princess and the Pea

Expert Script


There is also a video available by Ms Carolyn Lee on the complications of over protective parenting and how this may have had an impact on the prince in this story and his decision to marry the princess (http://youtu.be/l8gkENa137U)

 SUGGESTED CRIME:- The Queen has been accused of coercing (forcing someone in legal speak) the prince, through the deception ( the lie) of a less than scientific experiment (silly experiment), into marrying a girl of great wealth.

(In other words, the queen has forced the prince to marry this girl by using her power as an over protective mother to convince the prince that her silly experiment is enough to prove the girl is a true princess. One of the reasons she may want to force him into marrying this girl, is if the girl had lots of money and the queen was greedy or if the queen had been paid by the girl to convince her son to marry her.)


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